1 Creates superior indoor environments.

2 Earth Block structures are warm, solid, and quiet.

3 Environmentally sound
4 Earth Block structures can use up to 20 to 30% less energy to heat and cool than concrete block structures.

5 Dirt is a renewable resource that is plentiful.

6 Earth Blocks take very little energy to make compared to the extreme heat necessary to make cement based blocks & the firing process required to make clay bricks.

7 Earth Block walls are sound proof, fire proof, bug proof, bullet proof and mold proof.

8 Since the blocks are made from natural materials they do not out-gas any toxic chemicals like most conventional building components.

9 Long lasting , Earthen homes have been around for thousands of years. Earth Blocks will stand the test of time.


( Price/Sq.ft Rs.1850 )

1. Steel – Pulkit ( ISI Brand Fe500 TMT bars )
2. Sand – M Sand
3. Cement – JSW
4. Bricks – Interlocking Mud Blocks
5. Hall/Room/Wall/Toilet/Parking Floor Tiles – Anuj
6. Kitchen Top granite : Dark Black /Red
7. Basement – Red Brick
8. Doors / Windows – Main Door Teak & Vengai Wooden Windows/UPVC
9. Frames & Shutters : Vengai Wooden/UPVC
10. Electrical Wires & Switches – Finolex & Philips Switches
11. Plumbing & Electricial Pipes- Astral
12. CP Fittings – Hindware
13. Kitchen Sink : KAG
14. Sanitaryware – Duravit
15. Wall Putty – Birla
16. Primer, Emulsion and Enamels : Berger
17. Waste Water and Water Line : 6 kg & 4 Kg Finolex/Star pipes.
18. Basement Filling Sand – Gravel
19. Overhead Tank – Sintex ( 1000 Liters Capacity )


1. Simple Masonry Elevation
2. Head Room
3. Water Proofing: Both interior & Exterior Walls
4. Hemp sacks for all stages for concrete curing process
5. Hall, Bed room & Kitchen loft and shelf works
6. Plan Drawing, Centre Line, Footing, Grade Beam, Plumbing and Electrical Drawings
7. The Column steel will be painted to prevent it from rusting

The following technical specifications will be given and explained in detail before concluding the construction agreement :


Sand Cuisine
Plain Cement Concrete
Isolated column footing Concrete
Pedestal Column Concrete


Sand Cuisine
Plain Cement Concrete
Plinth Beam Size


Solid Block Work
Pedestal Column
Damp Proof Course
Sand cuisine
Plain Cement Concrete


RCC Columns
Outer 0’9” Wall
Inner0’4.5” Partition wall
RCC Sill Concrete
RCC Lintel Tie Beam
RCC Loft
RCC Sun Shade
Masonry Wardrobe
Roof Beam & Slab
Weathering Course


Inner Ceiling plastering
Inner Wall Plastering
Outer Wall Plastering


Main Door
Doors and Window
Toilet Doors


Design & Size


Indian water closet Unit
Western water closet Unit
Shower unit
Washbasin Unit


Framed steel structure as per drawing reinforcement

Column Size : 0-9″ X 1′-3″ ,0-9″ X 1′-0″ & 0-9″ X 0-9″ (depend on spacing b/w column and no of floors)

Beam Size : 0-9″ X 1′-2″ & 0-9″ X 1′-0″ (depend on spacing b/w column)

Steel used in column: Main rod- 12 mm (dia) and Stirrups-10 mm (dia) at spacing of 8 inches

Plinth Beam Steel : Main rod- 10 mm (dia) and Stirrups-8 mm (dia) at spacing of 8 inches

Lintel Beam Steel : Main rod-10 mm & 8 mm (dia) and Stirrups-8mm(dia) at spacing of 8 inches

Steel used in Roofing : 12 mm, 10 mm and 8 mm at spacing of 7 to 8 inches

Height of the basement 3 feet

Depth of the foundation 6 feet

Size of the footing 4’6*4’6

Roof Height 10 feet

Roof Thickness Of Slab : 5 inches

Sunshades Steel : Main & Distributors- 8 mm dia

Plinth Beam Concrete Mix : M20 ( 1 : 1.5 : 3 = Cement : Sand : Stone )

Brick Works Concrete Mix : 1 : 5 ( Cement : Sand )

Nominal Cover to reinforcement:- Footing-50mm: Column-40mm: Plinth & Roof Beam -25mm and Roof Slab-20mm


4-6 months

An ecological house constructing by using stabilized mud blocks (CSEB).The overall energy consumption in SMB is quite small (about one-third) in comparison with the burnt bricks and it has some more major advantages over the regular bricks or solid concrete blocks.

Construction type : Framed structure

Eco friendly, long lasting bricks

Reason to choose CSEB interlock Bricks

-1CSEB brick = 3 Normal bricks
-Eco friendly (Reduce global warming to produce than normal bricks )
-Earthquake resistance & certify by Government approved
-weather friendly (Anti room temperature with weather)
-saved approx 25% of cost budget on overall construction directly/indirectly
-looks attractive without plaster
-less used time,finance,manpower,sand,cement,plaster
-consume local resource (raw material)


• Eco – friendly concept.
• Stiff column method, Filler slab, wooden staircase, Mangalore tile roofing etc …
• Good thermal insulation characteristics of CSEB blocks keeps room temperature low.
• Low cement and steel usage.
• Reduces construction cost upto 30%.
• Exposed blocks texture finishings enhance the great aesthetic appearance.
• Creates local employment during construction.
• Reduces carbon emissions.
• Engineered.

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